commercial refrigeration repair in MOAmerican Services refrigeration repair service in St Louis knows that food safety in restaurants is the most critical aspect of the business. In prehistoric times, meat acquired in a hunt would be stored in the coolness of a cave or packed in snow. Prehistoric man realized the cold temperatures would keep the meat for times when food was not available. Fortunately we now have refrigeration. Not only do we have refrigeration but we have high tech refrigeration. Still the critical aspect remains the same…preserving food for later.

All refrigerated units should have a temperature of 40 degrees or below. When seeking to purchase a new refrigeration unit ensure there is a built in thermometer visible from the outside. It is always good practice to have a redundancy standalone thermometer inside as well. Seals should be constructed of quality material that will stand up to wear over time. A refrigeration unit could be opened and closed up to one hundred times per day or more depending on the size and complexity of your operation.

Shelving should be designed so that it is adjustable to accommodate a variety of packages and should pull out for easy cleaning. Many operators seek the tempered glass shelves as they are attractive, easy to clean, and contain spills easily. Other restaurant owners only purchase stainless steel wire shelving as it is fairly indestructible. With this option you do run the risk of an item on a top shelf dripping on everything below it which is why it is so important to ensure your employees are familiar with the proper placement of all foods in refrigerated units.

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