commercial refrigeration in MOAmerican Services refrigeration repair and maintenance service near Edwardsville knows that  much of our lives rely on refrigeration, from the food that we eat to the transportation and processing of vital resources. Even our personal comfort requires effective industrial refrigeration systems. Industrial refrigeration systems bring food to your favorite supermarket by providing essential industrial cooling equipment to the food processing industry. And of course there are unique industrial refrigeration systems required to move gas through pipelines, produce energy, manufacture chemicals and nearly all of the items we use in our daily lives.

Industrial providers design and build refrigeration systems for cold storage, process cooling, water chilling, individual quick freezing or IQF systems, and have the capability to interface with flash freezing systems such as cryogenic freezing and nitrogen immersion systems. Available methods include; forced air cooling, portable and modular ice plants, stand alone industrial ice makers, hydrocoolers, and liquid ice systems.

A comprehensive range of precooling systems and services such as feasibility studies, system design, build, installation, service and maintenance, existing system analysis and recommendations for performance improvements. Great new technology and advanced refrigeration techniques to provide innovative solutions to your specific precooling and freezing needs.

Hydrocoolers are one of many precooling systems that provide fast, reliable and efficient means of cooling many water tolerant fruits and vegetables such as sweet corn and broccoli. Hydrocooling extends shelf life by precooling vegetables and fruits fast Cools crops up to 15 times faster than air. It hydrates some products, reduces moisture loss and rinses while it cools. It is a flexible means of cooling vegetables and fruits packed in bins, bulk, or palletized. Furthermore, it comes with a relatively low cost and little maintenance. For assistance with your refrigeration in Missouri reach out to American Services for assistance.