ice machines refrigeration in MOAmerican Services refrigeration ice machine maintenance near Sunset Hills, knows that when it comes to refrigeration, the right commercial ice machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment for the food industry.

Ice machines store a vital substance for any food service industry-ice.  Ice is not only used to cool beverages, it is also utilized to make blended drinks-both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, used as flakes and nuggets in many types of food preparation and other cooking preparation methods.

Most commercial food service businesses utilize ice machines that can store ice as well as an attached water source for producing and freezing ice as well.  Ice machines can make a substantial amount of ice each day as and freeze it into nuggets, flakes, and other configurations.

Regular maintenance to your commercial ice machine is very important to keep it working properly.  Cleaning and water filtration lend to clean, great tasting ice on a consistent basis.

Selecting the correct type of machine for your business is important.  There are many types and configurations of machines, as well as different types of ice that is produced.   American Services can help you to ensure you select the right equipment for your business.  Examples of commercial ice makers;

Full Cube Ice machines measure produce cubed ice that is 7/8th inch in diameter.  The benefit of this type of ice is that it can keep drinks cold a long time because it melts slowly and some feel it adds to the visual esthetics of cold specialty drinks.  Cubed ice is best for cocktails, bagged ice, for use in salad bars, and hotels.

Half-Cube Ice-used for a wide range of different applications and measures 3/8ths X 7/8ths X 7/8ths.  This type of ice has a unique characteristic that enables it to fit more compactly into spaces in relation to liquid.  Half cubed ice provides very cold drinks and blends more readily making it the best choice for smoothies or blended coffee drinks as well as iced coffee and soft drinks.  Half cubed ice is also great for different types of therapeutic applications.

Flaked Ice– this type of ice compresses very well and is perfect for any type of food display with ice.  It can be used in salad or seafood bars in grocery stores.  Flaked ice is great for keeping food cold and is less likely to bruise or damage things like fresh produce.  It has a great visual appeal as well.

Nugget Ice-soft and chewable, but it melts faster  and adds more water displacement than other types of ice-which can produce a higher profit margin for beverages sold in establishments which serve this type of ice in their drinks. Of course it cools things off quickly and provides an ideal source of chill factor for quick blended drinks and smoothies-it also helps maintain the flavor in drinks.  Nugget ice is used a lot in health care facilities for patients because it’s the best type of ice for chewing on.