commercial refrigeration maintenance in MOA commercial refrigerator or freezer is typically a necessity for most any commercial kitchen. Refrigeration units are essential for storing perishable food and beverage product. Top-quality refrigeration equipment provides the peace of mind you need when storing items in your restaurant. Commercial refrigerators and freezers offer safe food storage options, regardless of whether you need a reach-in, an under-counter unit or a full-size walk-in and these units are incredibly user-friendly.

There are many options available to enhance the performance and functionality of your commercial refrigerator. Many refrigerators come with aluminum exteriors. Consider stainless steel or vinyl, which can be easier to clean and more durable. Casters are a good choice rather than having one with legs for better mobility. Health departments may require commercial equipment to be mobile for improved cleanliness.

Additional shelving can increase the storage capabilities in your commercial refrigerator. After reviewing how many shelves come standard with your unit, think about how you want to arrange your cold storage items. Consider adding additional wire shelves to provide the maximum cold storage benefits in your commercial kitchen. If your only need is to store sheet pans or hotel pans of prepared, chilled items before sliding them straight into the oven, then pan slides are even better than storage shelves.

Most solid door refrigerators can be modified to come with glass doors. Often the hinge can be placed on either side of the unit to improve efficiency in the kitchen. On glass door units, sliding glass doors may be an option. For prep tables, drawers in place of doors are another great alternative for effective cold storage. For assistance with commercial refrigeration near Illinois, American Services can help with service or product needs.