commercial refrigeration service in MOThe first industries to use commercial refrigeration on a large scale were Breweries in the mid to late 1800s.

Although technology has changed tremendously over the last 150 years, the theory and concepts behind commercial refrigeration remain the same.

The early breweries  depended on harvesting large blocks of ice whereas nowadays we utilize artificial refrigeration.  Today, many industries, large and small, utilizes refrigeration units of all sizes.

Commercial refrigeration systems are paramount to ensure your refrigerated products are kept out of the danger zone.  System malfunctions can lead to large scale product loss and expensive repairs.  Repairing commercial refrigeration systems can be an unexpected expense that challenges the productivity of your industry.  It is always good practice to have a plan of action given a refrigeration system malfunctions.

Regular maintenance can reduce the need for frequent commercial refrigeration repair. Many of the regular refrigeration maintenance tasks can be performed by anyone.  These include; checking conditions of door gaskets, monitoring temperatures, inspecting door hinges, and checking or adjusting defrost timers.  Other refrigeration maintenance, such as overseeing compressor operation and control wiring, should be conducted by a certified technician such as those at American Services commercial refrigeration repair in Missouri.

There will be times that refrigeration systems will fail.  Seeking a reputable, experienced, dependable refrigeration service company is essential to ensuring minimal productivity and product loss.  Be sure to ask for references of other clients and contact them to ensure the company you select will complete the work in a timely, professional manner.   When the technician arrives, ask about preventative maintenance tasks or procedures that can be performed to prevent future issues or problems.

To schedule a professional technician for maintenance or repair of your commercial refrigeration system, contact us at American Services in Saint Louis MO today.