ice machineWhen it comes to ice machines and your companies need for industrial or commercial grade refrigeration in St Louis near Fairview Heights, we are here to show you the way on behalf of your Refrigeration installation in St Louis near Fairview Heights IL, we want you to know about some of the greatest brands out there.  Today, we focus on Scotsman ice machines.  One really awesome thing about them are the number of ice machine models they offer that are all energy star models.  “There are more than 65 ENERGY STAR Scotsman ice machine models, and there are few that conserve resources the way that ice machines from Scotsman’s Prodigy® Series do. The technology and design of Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines allow these units to create ice while using significantly less energy and water than traditional ice machines.”

There are fun and useful, time saving controls available depending upon which of these ice machines you may choose to add to your St Louis Refrigeration sales list before you go out shopping for your commercial kitchen.   “With their optional controls, you can program the ice machine to make ice at any time you need it. With these controls at your finger tips, it makes a difference to the environment as well as your bottom line.”  This also helps to prevent or reduce waste by all but eliminating excess product.  Since ice will not be made when it is not required, you will save even more by conserving energy and water resources with the use of your ice maker.

Your ice ends up fresher as a result, so the refrigeration product all businesses need for best customer service is a Scotsman ice maker from your local refrigeration company in St Louis near Fairview Heights IL.  They have excellent guarantees too.  Check one out at your local commercial refrigeration sales in St Louis MO.