walk in freezer refrigeration service in MOIf you are considering the purchase of a new walk-in freezer, there are several considerations that are of high importance to ensure the unit you are purchasing will suit your specific application. Choosing a commercial refrigeration system that is sized incorrectly or designed improperly can lead to a disastrous and frustrating situation. Taking a little extra time and investigating what you really need will save you time and money in the future.

First off it is important to make a list of the goods or products that are intended to be stored. Specifically, identify the dimensions of the products and the number of cases that would be stored at any given time. Don’t forget about deliveries. Also, while thinking about the products, identify the temperature they are required to be stored at, most commonly it may be 0 degrees or -20 degrees. Another important consideration is the weight of the items. Most walk-in-freezers can handle up to 850 pounds per square foot of weight.

Locating your system is also of vital importance. Most operations will have the unit placed indoors while there are a few that choose to install it outside. For exterior building installation, ensure there is a wall that is able to have a doorway installed that gives direct access to your walk-in freezer. Along with the physical location of the unit, you must also think about the electrical requirements. Can electricity be run to the location that you are wanting? and, does your operation have the electrical requirements to handle the system that you are choosing?

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