thermostat for commercial refrigeration in MOThermostats are an integral component of any refrigeration system as they measure and regulate the temperature. Thermostats act like a light switch, turning on or off the flow of electricity to the refrigerator’s compressor. As a compressor runs the temperature will drop inside of the refrigerator and when the thermostat turns off the compressor, the air will try to warm up to the outside air.

There are a few different options when selecting thermostats for commercial refrigeration units. The three main types are air sensing, pressure sensing, and evaporator coil sensing. Air sensing thermostats are most prevalent in commercial refrigeration units. This type of thermostat will measure the return air in the refrigerator. Air-sensing thermostats will use a straight liquid or gas filled capillary attached to a bulb. The varying pressures with the temperature will open and close the electric current that controls the compressor.

Pressure sensing units are located outside of the evaporator housing near the compressor. The refrigerant which is circulated in the refrigerator and the pressure of that fluid is associated with the temperature inside the refrigerator. The thermostat will utilize the pressure as a means of regulating power to the compressor.

Evaporator coil sensing thermostats measure the temperature of the evaporator coil rather than the air or refrigerant. If a refrigerator is frequently opened or closed, the air temperature can fluctuate tremendously and create frost on the evaporator coil. Air sensing thermostats would not register the frost buildup causing the system to run inefficiently. The evaporator coil sensing thermostat allows for the correction of that problem.

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