commercial walk in cooler refrigeration MOAs every food manager and restaurant owner knows, food safety is the primary concern in the commercial kitchen.  Starting with safe food storage in walk in coolers and freezers.  Here are some tips for keeping food stored safely;

  • The “first in first out” rule also referred to as FIFO says that  when new food is delivered, old food should be placed in front of the newer shipment in commercial refrigeration products.  This can be attained by labeling food properly with the date it was received.
  • Position meat on the lower level of the refrigeration unit as possible to prevent dripping on items such as fresh vegetables, even if the meat is in a stored container.
  • Always used air-tight containers to store food, this will slow down the rate of spoiling of food and also prevent spills and contamination of other items in the refrigeration unit such as a walk in cooler.
  • Do not put any food on the floor which is in accordance with FDA food codes.  This prevents dirt or other contaminants from coming in contact with food.  The minimum height, according to some local health codes, should be 12 inches. 2009 FDA Food Code states that all food must be stored at least six inches above the floor.
  • Be sure to monitor the temp in your walk in cooler, freezer, display cases and other refrigeration units, each should have a thermometer and staff should be trained to check on a regular basis to ensure the temperature stays within the correct temperature range.
  • Be sure to avoid overloading refrigeration units with too much food as it could possibly create hot spots.  Overloading could even cause the refrigerator to stop working altogether.

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