walk in cooler in MOAmerican Services commercial refrigeration repair in Missouri, knows that walk in coolers can be an expensive proposition, but proper maintenance can help you to avoid repair costs and lost revenue from food spoilage.  And the best part is most of the maintenance is simple and some of it can even be done by a trusted employee.

Maintenance generally falls into two categories; preventative and routine.  Preventative maintenance can easily be done by a store employee and tracked in a log to make sure it is being done at required intervals.  One of the easiest things to do is an overall visual check of the walk in cooler on a daily and weekly basis.  Number one is to make sure that the door is always closed (be sure no one is in the cooler), leaving it open can lead to energy loss and causes cooling issues and ice build up.  Another check is to make sure fan motors are running and the evaporator and condensing coils are clean.  Debris will cause both of these items to run under efficiency and cost you more money.Also, make sure hinges are oiled regularly and check all rubber seals to make sure they are tight and there is no cracking or tearing.  Another often overlooked item is to make sure all lights are off, as these will produce heat and cause the cooler to overcompensate, which means more expense for you.

Another very simple maintenance item is to make sure the walk in cooler is cleaned on a regular basis.  Sweeping and mopping the floor along with cleaning with soap on a regular basis will help your cooling system operate at maximum efficiency and also help to prevent mold from entering your system.

Keeping your walk in cooler maintained isn’t complicated and most of the checks and minor maintenance can be done by anyone.  A couple of times a year you will want to hire a certified maintenance technician check to look at wiring, condensers and general functionality of all systems to insure the cooler is running correctly.  Just remember the more time and effort you put into properly maintaining your walk in cooler the longer it will last and your overall expense will be greatly reduced.