commercial refrigeration repair in MOAmerican Services commercial refrigeration maintenance in St. Louis knows that commercial refrigeration is a giant in the chilled food preservation world. Commercial refrigeration can be anything from the small ice cream freezer to a large walk-in cooler for meat storage. The larger units are complex and can be difficult to repair requiring a certified technician who knows the correct procedure required.  But it doesn’t take a certified technician to understand what may be causing a problem, and applying some basic troubleshooting techniques to get your refrigeration system up and running without incurring expensive repair costs.

Dead Unit
If your refrigeration unit is not turning on or seems to have no power at all, checks connection at the wall source. If your refrigeration unit uses a disconnect or external power source check power output of external power source. Examine and inspect all ground wire connections; improper wiring can cause short circuits. If the unit is equipped with a power switch ensure it is in the on position. As a last resort use a voltmeter to check for power coming into the unit.

Excess Freezing
One of the more commonly problems throughout the refrigeration industry is a refrigeration unit and or pipes freezing up with excess icing.  Step one is to determine if the evaporator fan is running. All refrigeration units are different, consult the owner’s manual for the specific location of the fan unit in your model. Inspect the evaporator- if ice is present turn off the unit, this will melt the ice. Inspect the coils in the evaporator to insure they’re clean and free of debris.  If left unattended coil lines will not allow refrigeration to draw out excess liquid resulting in icing up conditions. If the evaporator pipe is freezing, check specifications in your owner’s manual against volt meter readings taken during your initial inspection.

Compressor Troubleshooting
Compressors create the cold air used to freeze or chill food in your refrigeration unit. If your refrigeration unit is inoperable and your unit still has power but no chill, check to see if the compressor is running properly.  There should be a slight humming sound, if not check the compressor with a voltmeter for an amperage rating. If it is making a startup noise then then a loud metallic clunk is heard, the compressor is attempting to start but resets before it can do so. If the compressor is running hot the unit maybe overloading. Inspect and clear any debris around compressor fan. If compressor malfunction is still occurring call certified refrigeration systems service technician at American Services immediately.