refrigeration installation in MOAmerican Services, commercial refrigeration maintenance service in University City knows that maintaining and repairing the refrigeration units in your restaurant can be expensive.

Being aware of troubling signs and symptoms of common problems that you can fix will save you major repair costs down the road.

A list of common commercial refrigeration issues and how to address them;

1. My refrigeration doors won’t close and frost builds up on the shelves. Most generally a rubber door gasket is the cause. Replacing the gasket is easy enough, measure the old gasket, measure from outside corner to outside corner. Record manufactures name and model   and serial number, these gaskets can normally be found online.
2. Refrigeration unit will not run at all. Check to see if unit is plugged in, if so and the unit is not running chances are the thermostat has failed in the open position. A quick check entails
pulling the housing down connect the thermostat wires together, turn on breaker and plug the unit back in, if the unit begins to run replace the thermostat.
If you experience the opposite (unit running all the time) your evaporator apparatus normally freezes up, restricting air flow, and temperatures rise. Conduct the same procedure as above, to test the unit and replace the thermostat if necessary. If the evaporator continues to freeze up call a service technician.
3. How do I find out the type of thermostat my refrigeration unit has? There are 2 types of thermostats: And air sensing thermostat which does just that senses temperature through the air. It’s most generally located inside the unit near the top.
Evaporator sensing thermostats have a coiled capillary tube attached to it; it appears as a tight spiral. It senses the temperature of the evaporator rather than the air. Caution these 2 controls are not interchangeable.
4. How do I replace a condenser or evaporator fan blades? There are 2 types of motors for refrigeration, condenser and evaporator.
Motors vary in size, voltage and rotation all of this information is found on the motor. Having this information on hand when ordering is critical, motors and fan blades must match up (clockwise or counterclockwise).
5. How do I replace refrigeration door latches and hinges?
Walk-in cooler or freezer hinges are either flush or offset. When removing them they will have a number on the back, this number is important when ordering your replacements. These latches and hinges do not interchange.
6. I want to buy a new reach in refrigerator. Commercial reach-in refrigerators, available through, are built for heavy duty use and have a more powerful compressor than residential refrigerators.