refrigeration repair service in MissouriAmerican Services commercial refrigeration repair in Ladue knows that there are many options to choose from when selecting commercial refrigeration systems. The type of business you own, whether it be a restaurant /bar, grocery store, bakery or any industry requiring commercial refrigeration, will determine your specific application.

One type of refrigeration was designed for blast chilling which refers to a process of taking already prepared food and quickly cooling it (blast chilling) before any bacteria would have a chance to multiply. Many food preparation businesses prefer this type of commercial refrigeration as it allows large quantities of food to be cooked and then quickly stored.  Immediate savings are realized in cost per serving and higher profit margins due to less food spoilage.

The Blast Chilling process is very popular with the catering industry, preparing and then storing the food which allows the caterer to deliver his/her food “just cooked” fresh.

Standard display freezers and display refrigerators are another type of commercial refrigeration. These units have see-through doors allowing customers to see thru and make their own selections. Similar to these units are the large refrigerated units most often found in restaurants, florists, and food processing applications.

One of the most common types of commercial refrigeration units is the walk-in refrigerator and or freezer. Some of these units can take up an entire room able to refrigerate or freeze a large number of goods, both safely and economically. Access to these large walk in units
is accomplished through sealed plastic strip doors.

The largest units are refrigerated warehouses, these are most commonly utilized in businesses requiring a large area to be cool or for those that must perform work in refrigerated areas.

Commercial refrigeration units with an open face, or commonly referred to as displays without doors, is the type of commercial refrigeration application seen most in grocery stores, these display cases are not efficient and lose a great deal of cold, athough thermal dynamic principles help make up for some of the cold air loss. Cold air gets pushed into the system sinking down toward the ground, new technology is allowing units to be built with a lower storage area that traps the cold inside the unit.