compressorThere is a definite global need and initiative to conserve energy.  This, combined with mitigating climate impacts is and has been putting pressure on manufacturers to design new ways to continue energy efficiency measures and reduce damage to the ozone layer all at the same time.  According to the research done on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Sales and Service, “This pressure is driving an uber-trend of sustainability in the refrigeration industry and has led to some truly innovative solutions and breakthrough technologies, especially in the design and production of compressors.”

Variable speed compressors are just one example of the above.  They tend to be extremely flexible and provide tremendous energy efficiency. Your St Louis Refrigeration Sales and Repair know that they are designed to adapt the cooling capacity according to the refrigeration need and are capable of working in any energy grid worldwide, regardless of the voltage and/or frequency being used. Thanks to the development of an intelligent electronic inverter, variable speed compressors are possible.  They have sensors that identify the temperature inside the cabinet and send signals to the compressor to change its speed to reach the target temperature much faster. Because a variable speed compressor cools according to need, it consumes 40% less energy than a conventional compressor, thereby accomplishing the combined goal of energy efficient and highly functional in refrigeration.

Looking at these compressors from a global view, it is apparent that variable speed compressor usage is trending globally and is already well established in many developed countries that are more focused on energy efficiency than others. “For example, approximately 90% of compressors currently in use in Japan are variable speed. In 2011 there were six million variable speed compressors in use around the world; by 2018 it is estimated that number will be 23 million. This is good news for the environment and for consumers.”