walk in refrigeration repair in MOAmerican Services commercial refrigeration service near Wentzville knows that the purpose of walk-in coolers is to keep your product in a climate controlled environment, typically below 40 degrees.  The key component to ensure your walk-in cooler is doing its job is to purchase a quality walk in cooler in the first place.  Commercial refrigeration is one area that it is not a good idea to skimp on the budget.  There are a few things to look for when selecting a unit for your operation.

Wall panels that use polyurethane and a foam-in-place manufacturing process give the walk in cooler the greatest cooling efficiency.  Standard panels should be four inches thick but many manufacturers  offer the option to increase the wall thickness.  A thicker wall will increase energy efficiency but will also increase the initial price of the unit.  All panels should have tongue and groove construction so that the tongue of one panel fits solidly inside the groove of another.  The metal covering over the polyurethane foam core should be solid.  It is common for manufacturers to use 26 gauge metal.  This ensures solidity within the unit and increased efficiency.  All joints, either where panels fit together or where doors and hinges are, should utilize a quality gasket material to ensure a tight fit and an air tight seal.

Your walk-in cooler will help protect your product from contamination, bacteria growth, and other negative consequences that arise from temperature and the air around it.  Choosing a quality product and a design that will fit your application are two keys to ensuring your unit will perform the necessary duties it is intended for.

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