walk in cooler restaurant refrigeration in MOAmerican Services refrigeration installation and repair in Saint Louis knows that if you’ve just opened a restaurant one of the most important items on your purchasing list should be a refrigeration system such as a walk in cooler.  But with all the choices out there, how can you decide which one is right for you?  Just follow these simple tips and you can rest assured that you have made the right choice.

One of the first things that you need to do is decide on what size of a walk in cooler you need to buy.  This will be determined primarily by the space that you have available and your budget.  Another consideration is how much food you will actually be storing in the cooler.  Once again this depends on the kind of restaurant you run and whether it is dependant on dry goods mainly or fresh foods delivered on a schedule that will need to be cooled.  A good rule of thumb to go by is for every 30lbs of food you will need at least one cubic foot of cooler space.  You will need to back that into the cu. ft. of the freezers you are looking at and your space and budget.  

You will also need to consider location, just like in real estate, it’s important.  Which direction will the doors face?  Is there adequate drainage and a good electrical source?  How will people get into and out of the freezer and will this cause conflicts with work flow in the kitchen?  Walk in coolers are large items with doors that can wreak havoc if they are flung open carelessly.  You will want to form a strategic plan with your design team to see what makes the most sense for your particular location.

A walk in cooler is a big investment so it only makes sense that you take the time in the beginning to carefully weigh your options.  One final note, make sure you check energy ratings and as with everything else, shop around for the best deal.