restaurant equipment repair in St. LouisAmerican Services restaurant equipment installation in Bridgeton MO knows that purchasing used restaurant equipment may seem like a good way to save money. Actually this is a risky option, buying used older equipment and components that are more likely to fail can result in costly equipment replacements.

The chance that used restaurant equipment is lacking in efficiency is high.   Adding up these risks are possible repair costs, and excessive utility cost overruns due to inefficient equipment.  Buying new equipment to begin with seems like a much better option.

Instead of looking for used restaurant equipment, why not focus on used furniture, work tables, shelving units, all things non mechanical, yet critical for your business. This may allow extra capital to be diverted to superior new restaurant equipment purchases rather than questionable used equipment.

Many restaurant equipment dealers offer programs such as lease to own. Generally some capital is put down up front, and pre-set monthly payment are arranged. The equipment becomes yours when terms of lease are fulfilled. Lease rates depend on your credit rating, if you are a new restaurant owner this could be difficult because the restaurant business is considered as high risk.

Scratch and dent equipment is an option to consider. Many food service operators nationwide are buying new equipment in large volumes. This equipment comes in occasionally dented and scratched; delivery is refused and returned to the manufacture who cannot sell the damaged equipment. Instead this equipment is offered at a discount price in line with the extent of the damage. This is a great way to obtain new restaurant equipment particualry when working with a tight budget.

End of year clearance events, discontinued items, restaurant equipment auctions, and overstocked equipment account for options to get more affordable new equipment.
New restaurant equipment is the preferred way to obtaining restaurant equipment, and it is superior in every way because it includes a warranty, is factory inspected, and many times more energy efficient.