shutterstock_20849650Opening a restaurant can be scary, exciting, and finally joyous. For new owners this is a lifelong dream finally coming together. Deciding the perfect time to open can be as daunting as finding the perfect location. Both of these play will play in to the success of your restaurant.

Location, location, location they say! Yep even your location can play into when the best time to open is.  For instance during the busy shopping season near the holidays, a restaurant near a shopping center or an area with lots of stores would ideally celebrate its grand opening.  Whereas a one not near any of these areas may not fare as well during this time of year.

Many like to open during the first of the year.  You can purchase all of your restaurant equipment in St Louis during this time and start the New Year off with a bang with a grand opening.  It’s the New Year and people are always looking to try new things.

Look to see if there are any community events going on.  A major event can draw in a large crowd and get you off to a great start.  Check with the chamber of commerce and see if you can advertise or be a sponsor for the event.  This will get your name out and get people interested in your new business.

Most businesses like to do a soft opening.  This is an opening a few days before the grand opening to make sure everything is running correctly. This is not only good for the new employees but also the equipment such as the dishwaher both the operator and the machine.  It’s basically a trial run.  Most owners do a private invite of friends, family, and other business owners and even community leaders.

When you do get to your grand opening, remember to relax (this probably won’t happen, but hey try).  You are going to do great.  Yes mistakes will be made, but you will correct them and learn from them.  Work on perfecting your business operations so that you can run the restaurant successfully.