restaurant equipment ice machine in MOAmerican Services Restaurant Equipment installation service in Ladue knows that automatic commercial ice makers are widely used by food, hotel and patient care providers. The equipment is manufactured selected based on a combination of features that best fit the application that the machines are intended for. Common attributes include ice type, production capacity, ice hardness and clarity, as well as ice form and size. Commercial ice makers can be classified into either of two general equipment types, batch-type and continuous-type. Batch-type ice makers harvest ice with alternating freezing and harvesting periods. Continuous-type ice makers produce ice through a continuous freeze and harvest process and include flake and nugget ice makers.

No matter what type of ice machine is in order, selecting an Energy Star product is a good idea. Air-cooled, batch-type and continuous-type commercial ice makers are all eligible for Energy Star certification. Also eligible are remote condensing units designed for connection to a remote condenser rack. Qualifying models must meet maximum potable water and energy consumption limits to earn the Energy Star. 

Energy Star commercial ice makers can save businesses money on their utility bills. Energy Star certified systems save around 1,200 kWh annually. This translates to $130 per year in electricity bill costs. ENERGY STAR batch-type ice makers are on average 15 percent more energy efficient and 23 percent more water-efficient than other models. For continuous-type ice makers, ENERGY STAR certified machines save around 1,500 kWh annually, or $160 per year of utility charges. 

Energy Star designated commercial ice machines cut down on your daytime electricity demand even further if they are outfitted with a timer. A savvy business-person can then shift ice production to nighttime off-peak hours. Interestingly, bigger ice machines are often more efficient than smaller ones, yet the price difference is usually not very large. Careful selection could yield twice the ice capacity at half the energy cost. For ice machines in Missouri, contact American Services.