missouri restaurant equipment repairAmerican Services restaurant equipment installation near Edwardsville knows that if you run an establishment that serves cold draft beer, there are some choices in the type of machine you can purchase.  You always want to make sure that the dispensing system you choose matches the type of restaurant that you run and fits in with the work load that you want to have.

The first system owners should take a look at is the direct draw system, which is the simplest and one of the most common systems out there.  This system uses a tube to draw the beer from the keg that is in close proximity to the dispensing unit.  The system is pressurized with CO2 and it allows the beer to be dispensed easily and simply.  While it is simple, there are some inherent problems with this type of draw.  One issue is that the keg can be cumbersome to move especially if the space is tight.  Another issue is the space itself to keep a keg, especially right at the bar or underneath it,  where space can be at a premium and having employees maneuver in tight quarters isn’t always ideal.

An air cooled system is another option and allows owners a little more flexibility as far as space is concerned.  Since this system is air cooled a greater length of tubing can be used, thus giving owners the option of storage further away from the dispensing unit.  This system uses ducting to house the dispensing tubes and uses a large fan to keep the lines cool.

The final system to look at is the Glycol cooled system.  This system uses propylene glycol that is recirculated through tubing in order to maintain a consistent temperature.  In these types of systems a mixture of CO2 and Nitrogen are used in order to keep the beer properly carbonated but also to move the beer through the tubing.

All of these systems have pluses and minuses and a lot of the choice is dependent on the space that is available and how much money is budgeted for the system.  The important thing to remember is to choose a good quality system that fits your space because serving stale, warm or overly carbonated beer is a surefire way to send your customers packing.