You often forget that the simple ice machine plays a vital role in the delivery of clean food products in restaurants, nursing homes, processing plants, and medical facilities.  Because of this, the ice machine is often left out of preventive maintenance plans. Practicing a consistent cleaning process will help guarantee your customers have clean food, but it will also lengthen the life of your machine.

All ice machines are different and you should refer to the instruction manual when scheduling maintenance.  This is very important.  The old “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” ideal doesn’t work well when dealing with a piece of equipment that is vital to your business. Nugget and flaker machines usually have more moving parts and require extra attention.  Cube machines have specific cleaning solutions for the different types of evaporator plates, such as nickel-safe solution for nickel-plated evaporators. Your restaurant equipment maintenance business near Creve Couer will be able to help you with this.

When you are ready to clean your ice machine there are a couple steps to take. First you need to remove the ice before you start cleaning.  You instruction manual is your friend. Follow the instructions on cleaning the ice machines water system. This is where I would advise a maintenance company to take over.  They will inspect and remove the air filters and replace them is need be. The water filtration system will be checked to see if the water pressure is dropping due to any restrictions. From here your repair man/woman will inspect the inner workings of the machine.  Checking to make sure there are no issues going on.  From here the machine will be sanitized.  This is a good time to sanitize the storage bin or dispenser too. After the cleaning is done, make sure you do not use the first batch of ice.

How often you need this service depends greatly on the quality of water and other conditions of where the ice maker is used.  Usually you only have to clean an ice machine every 30-90 days, but check with your instruction manual to be sure.