restaurant equipment for cooking in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment for cooking near Clayton knows that today’s restaurant owner has the choice of gas or electric when it comes to cooking ranges, which now come in a wide range of options.

Some very popular cook top ranges are inserted into a countertop and have a matching wall oven that is installed separately. There are free-standing models–range and oven combos–that have panels on both sides and can stand alone in the kitchen and can be moved around conveniently. There are also slide-in models, which have side panels that can fit between two cabinets. Then there are drop-in units, which are powered by electricity, and are installed between cabinets on a pedestal. Here’s an overview of the types of ranges and combos you’ll find on the market today:

The Cook top and wall oven set

This style of cooking equipment offers more flexibility in terms of placement because the cook top and wall oven aren’t connected. However, it requires more custom installment preparation/carpentry expertise in many cases than a freestanding range. Estimated Price: $200 to $1,000 for cook tops; $200 to $2,000 for wall ovens.

Freestanding ranges

The range and oven are molded all-in-one. These typically cost less than cook top and wall oven combos. They are normally easier to install in most cases, but the oven and range height are fixed and some allowance for height must observed. Price: $700 to $2000

Gas fired Stoves

These fire up quickly and are a favorite of chefs and housewives alike. They are powered by clean natural gas or liquid propane, which you have to buy, usually on a monthly basis. They can come with unique burners for very fast high-temperature heat and for gentle low-temperature heat for simmering. Look for sealed burners for easier cleanup. Price: $250 to more than $21,000


Gas cook top for quick response with good temperature control, including an electric oven for more even heating Price: $850 to more than $6,000

With electric ranges you have less control over heat output–for example, water can take longer to boil. However, you can get better overall performance from the oven. Models are slightly less expensive than ranges but also cost a bit more to operate from month to month. Estimate Price $300 to $2000.  Most commercial-style ranges have at least four and sometimes up to eight burners. They generate high heat output (typically 15,000 Btu/hr.), which requires more cooking finesse. One downside of these ranges: They sometimes have a high-repair history.