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One of the machines many times overlooked for maintenance in a restaurant and other businesses for one reason or another, seems to be the ice machine. A few simple preventative measures will insure your ice machine operates properly, and efficiently.

Replacing water filters every 6 months will extend the life of your machine. Filters remove sediment from the water, inhibit scale which can build up, and remove odor and bad taste. Although filters may not appear blocked, or show signs of sediment or discoloration, bad taste and odor may show up in the filtered water if not changed every 6 months. In fact some ice machine vendors will extend warranties at no extra charge to the customer when filters are changed as suggested every 6 months.

Equipment that has antimicrobial protection built in used near the food zone areas of ice will inhibit slime and mold growth for the life of the machine. Combining these two preventative maintenance steps will insure your ice machine functions properly.  Be sure to sanitize your machine thoroughly at least every 6 months, particularly if using chemicals such as scale remover. In addition, thoroughly rinse off any chemicals used. Some companies also sell cleaning systems. Paying attention to condenser fins and air filters at the six month maintenance check will only enhance operation life of your machine.

Keeping your machines ability to breathe and function, by removing lint and any petroleum will increase capacity. By adhering to this every 6 month method of changing out filters and other tips, you will greatly increase the life of your machine, and decrease maintenance and repair costs.