industrial restaurant equipment maintenance in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment and cooking equipment repair near Webster Groves knows that  steamers may be one of the best pieces of equipment to ensure food is cooked evenly, easily, and very healthy as well.  Restaurant operators regularly utilize steamer cooking equipment as an integral part of their operation.  It is the easiest method for cooking meat, fruits, vegetables, and pasta all the while ensuring the food is tasty and moist.  Restaurant staff will often cook several items on multiple perforated tiers to increase production.

There are also many health benefits to integrating steamer cooking equipment into your restaurant equipment lineup.  Through the process of steaming meat, the fats are left in the water to be discarded.  This lowers cholesterol in the food.  Just as meats become healthier to heat, there are also health benefits with other foods.  Steaming vegetables for example, preserves the fiber, ensures the colors are vibrant, and gives you the best possible natural flavor.

Typically, when searching for a piece of commercial cooking equipment you first need to identify the electrical requirements.  Standards restaurant equipment steamers will require 208/240 volts and come in either single phase or three phase.  If your application does not have the proper electrical requirements, that will be an added expense to budget for.  Additionally, most restaurant equipment does not come with the stand.  This is the same with most steamers.

There are many makes and models to choose from.  American Services recommends first analyzing the volume of food produced each day.  Contact a manufacturer and explain the workload that the cooking equipment will be put through each day.  The manufacturer will provide you with the ideal model, or feel free to contact American Services and schedule an estimate with a professional technician for all of your commercial restaurant equipment repair and maintenance needs.