commercial ice machines repair in MOAmerican Services Restaurant Equipment Repair Service in St. Louis knows that commercial ice machines use a lot of electricity and are literally working all the time.  That means there is a great potential for failure.  In fact the average life span of a commercial ice machine is around 10 years.  So how do you know if you need to have your machine repaired?  There are some things to look for to decide if it’s something you can maintain or if you need to call in a professional.

In general there are two types of ice machines, ones that use water for cooling and ones that use air.  Think of the radiator in your car that uses water and antifreeze to cool your engine or a car that uses air cooling instead and you get the general idea.  Both machines have their advantages and disadvantages, but you will want to know which kind you have so you can discuss proper repair and maintenance with a professional.

If your ice machine ever stops producing ice there are some simple self checks you can do to see if a professional needs to be called.  Check all the power options first.  Is the unit plugged in securely to the outlet, has a fuse blown, can you hear the machine running? You would be amazed at how often the simplest thing can be the cause of the problem.  Filters and water lines can also become blocked or even freeze.  A visual inspection can be done, but it  might take a pro to come in and fix the issue.

Visual inspections and ice quality tasting are important to do often, so you stay ahead of any major issues.  Walk around the machine and make sure there isn’t any standing water or leaking.  Taste the ice  and make sure it doesn’t have a bad taste or smell.  These can be indications of something as simple as a dirty filter or something more complex like mold or bacteria growth.  Either way it’s an easy test to perform often to insure everything is in tip top shape.

If the ice machine just isn’t working call in a pro and have them look at it.  Many HVAC companies will also work on ice machines, so just look in the phone book or online for certified HVAC professionals.