commercial restaurant cooking equipment in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment repair near Webster Groves, knows that going into the restaurant business isn’t as easy as just finding a place and hanging out a sign. A lot of thought and design needs to take place before you can officially open your door and much of that effort should be focused on the cooking are

The type of restaurant you are opening will dictate the type of restaurant equipment you will buy, but there are some basic pieces that almost every restaurant will need.  One integral part of every kitchen is a range hood that serves as the primary ventilation source for the cooking area.  Depending on local codes, range hoods are required for any cooking over open flame.  The reason a range hood is so important is that it will help move carcinogens and heat out of the kitchen area, keeping workers safe and cool.  Keep in mind that the installation and maintenance of range hoods can be expensive, so it’s best to shop around in the beginning to see what the costs might be.

Now that the range hood is in place, it’s time to start shopping for a gas range or oven.  Of course you will need to see if the building is hooked up for gas or electrical and then decide what type of range to install.  Ranges come in all sorts of different configuration and you will want to size this purchase according to the volume of food you plan on preparing.  There is nothing worse than opening your restaurant only to find you either bought a range that was too big or too small.  Of course this isn’t an exact science, but hopefully some demographic and marketing research was done beforehand so you have an idea.  Keep in mind that a gas range and oven combination might be one option if space is limited.  Also, if you don’t have a lot of money at the beginning, you can always lease some equipment until you are ready to purchase it at a future date.

Now that you have the cooking equipment settled, you should focus on the preparation areas.  In many kitchens so much focus is on the ovens, grills, and ranges that little thought is put into a place to prepare all this food.  Stainless steel work stations are a great choice and you should draw out where each table should go and what it will be used for.  You will also want to make sure that you have plenty of cutting boards and of course multiple sinks to keep everything clean.

Planning the kitchen area will be an integral part to your success.  If you plan ahead of time and draw out the arrangement, when it comes to equipment being installed there will be far less surprises.  The important thing to remember is a well-planned and though out kitchen area will increase efficiency, create a better work environment for employees and offer customers the best possible product you can offer.  Not bad for just a little forethought and planning.