restaurant equipment ice machines in MOAmerican Service ice machine restaurant equipment service in St.Louis, knows that ice service is a primary component of items served, perhaps as important as any of the food items on the menu. Therefore ice machine maintenance and ice handling is of vital importance to the success of your establishment. The following are tips to ensure your ice is in tip top shape and the ice you serve is as fresh as possible.

Cleaning Your Ice Machine

Commercial ice machine maintenance is important and needs to be implemented on a regular scheduled maintenance plan. Cleaning at regular intervals is also important to remove mineral deposits and slime that can build up inside the machine.


  • Make sure employees wash their hands before and after working with ice. Learn More
  • Use a dedicated container – either an ice tote or ice caddie – for transporting ice
  • Use plastic ice scoops with ice. Only plastic scoops are NSF approved for ice handling
  • Store the scoop outside of the ice storage bin, preferably in a dedicated container or scoop caddie


  • Re-freeze ice once it begins to melt
  • Handle or scoop ice by hand
  • Use ice buckets or glasses as scoops
  • Store bottles or other products in food ice
  • Dump unused ice back into the ice bin

Disposing of Used Ice

Just like food, ice has an expiration date and should be thrown out when;

  • It starts to melt
  • It becomes contaminated by food
  • It has been used to chill bottles or anything else
  • The scheduled cleaning date is due on the ice machine

Cleaning Ice Supplies

Ice supplies must also be cleaned regularly including; picks, scoops, scoop caddies and other ice handling equipment which needs to be washed regularly in a sanitizing commercial dishwasher.