Deep FryerRestaurant owners that utilize the use of a deep fryer, need to remember that their commercial deep fryer unit has a set of important maintenance specifications that need to be continually recognized.  Today, the team at American Services is going to inform you on how to perform the cleaning of a commercial deep fryer.  Let’s get started!

  1.  First, you must turn off and unplug your deep fryer unit.  The unit needs to cool to a temperature below 150 degrees Fahrenheit before you can begin to clean it.
  2. Use tools like paper towels, a scraper, and some soapy water to get the outside of the fryer clean.
  3. Make sure to remove the fryer baskets and run them through your dishwasher for a thorough clean.
  4. Place a container large enough to catch all of the oil from the inside of your fryer under the fryer drain.  Keep your any local regulations in mind when disposing of the oil you have removed.
  5. Use a five-gallon bucket to make a cleaning solution of water and grease-cutting dish soap.  If your fryer is especially dirty, be sure to add your favorite commercial de-greaser to the solution you have made.
  6. Using an abrasive scrubbing pad and a spatula, scrub the inside of the unit with the cleaning solution you have made.
  7. Once you are finished scrubbing, rinse the unit with a water and vinegar mix.  This will remove the soap residue.  It’s important to make your solution from more vinegar than water and to have your drain open while cleaning.  Make sure the liquid can drain into a container or a floor drain to avoid a huge mess.
  8. Now you are ready to close your drain, dry the inside of the fryer, fill it back up with oil, and continue serving your customers!

If you have more questions or need restaurant equipment repair services near Bridgeton, contact the American Services team today!