holding cabinets restaurant equipment in Mo
American Services restaurant equipment repair and installation service near University City knows that hyolding cabinets are an essential piece of restaurant equipment when you need your food to stay hot and fresh for your customers. Whether it be only a few minutes or hours, holding cabinets enable restaurant operators to prepare foods well ahead of busy serving periods and hold them at just-cooked quality and texture, whether moist or crisp. Holding cabinets come in a variety of sizes and configurations, from half-size to full-size cabinets, there is a solution for almost every application.

Some of the smallest holding cabinets have a volume of around 3 cubic feet. This size of holding cabinet is ideal for kiosks, bars, and anywhere where space is limited. A 3 cubic foot cabinet will hold up to five half steam table pans. Typically, this size of unit will run on 120 volts – single phase but can be configured to run on 230 volts – single phase.

On the other end of the spectrum, large holding cabinets can be up to 29 cubic feet. This size of unit is typically seen in schools, hospitals, and other high volume operations. A 29 cubic foot unit will hold 28 steam table pans or 14 sheet pans. Typical units of this size will run on 120 volts – single phase.

Whether you have a small operation or are large scale, holding cabinets can increase efficiency and productivity by allowing for the preparation of food well before it needs to be served. Some organizations view this as a luxury while others have determined that this process is a necessity to ensure high productivity.

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