commercial restaurant cooking equipment in MOAmerican Services offers professional restaurant equipment installation in Saint Louis.  Although most restaurant owners realize just how important cooking equipment is, but many may not be sure how to arrange it for optimal efficiency in commercial kitchens.

Strategic design and restaurant equipment installation results in as smooth flow from the kitchen to the dining room so your guests can get served in a timely manner.

It’s important to consider just how much space your kitchen has when considering placement of commercial equipment. American Services knows just how to maximize your available space whether you are designing an all new kitchen, or upgrading an existing commercial space.

Consider the path/s that employees will take during daily service to get the food from the kitchen to the dining room to keep your kitchen operating efficiently.

Of course you must consider health codes when designing your commercial kitchen layout to be sure all health regulations are properly implemented into your commercial restaurant, for example; how close are floor drains required to be from your commercial ice machine?

In general, the less area your staff has to cover when serving food, the more efficient your restaurant will be.  An optimally designed commercial kitchen allows for the least amount of walking, bending over, and reaching in order to gather supplies and ingredients required to prepare the meals.

All of the cooking equipment in your commercial kitchen should be installed under an energy efficient vent hood in order to be considered an energy efficient kitchen to maximize savings for your business.

There is no set rule on how your commercial kitchen should be arranged, it all depends on how much space you have and just what your needs are.   Some kitchens are set up to accommodate an assembly line type production for those restaurants that make large quantities of similar types of foods such as subs or pizzas.   Another restaurant may benefit most from having commercial restaurant cooking equipment set up in a convenience design where for example, the freezer is located right next to the deep fryer so food can come out of storage, straight to the fryer with the least amount of steps involved by kitchen staff.