new restaurant equipment in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment repair in Jefferson County knows that there are 3primary reasons restaurant equipment shows up at an auction.

1.A restaurant fails: when a restaurant closes its doors the equipment has to go somewhere,   many of these failed restaurants sell their equipment to an auction house.
2. Equipment upgrades: replacing outdated models, obsolete equipment usually finds its way to the auction houses.
3. Dead inventory: restaurant equipment dealers try to unload equipment that is not selling well for whatever reason.

Everything that you might need for starting a restaurant business can be found at it these auctions.

Used equipment dealers and individual restaurant owners (or soon to be owners) frequent these auctions on a fairly consistent basis. If this is your first auction it can be advantageous to talk to or observe what the used equipment dealers and restaurant owner looks for in used kitchen equipment and what they bid on.

Restaurant equipment auctions can be held on site of the establishment that has gone out of business. Also at a certified licensed auction facility ( check local directories). Used restaurant equipment auctions are also being listed on the internet, on web sites such as eBay.

Another excellent way to find auditions in your area is to check with the classified ads of your local newspaper. Once you get to an auction there are mailing lists you can sign up for that will notify you when other auctions are occurring in your local geographic area.

Useful tips to successful restaurant equipment purchasing include;

1. Look for auctions with equipment from restaurants that were in business for a very short time; these pieces of equipment will have less time on them and fewer problems will occur right off the bat.

2. Remember there is NO WARRANTY, if you have doubts about any equipment don’t bid on it. Once you win the bid you have to pay regardless of the condition.

3. This equipment is sold as is. That means you buy it you take it away. The auctioneer will not deliver it or take responsibility for it once it’s been sold.

4. You must be aware of the safety/sanitary codes. In other words some of this older  equipment may not be up to current standards. U L and NSF labels must be visually present.

5. Check voltage requirements on the piece of restaurant equipment that you’re interested in. Most restaurants are outfitted to accept 220 /230/240 volts. Sometimes these auction houses will sell equipment that requires 440 volts, which cannot be used in most restaurant settings.

6. Beware, there are some auction houses out there that have a “not our responsibility attitude” these to be avoided. Generally speaking the longer an auction house has been operating , the more likely you will be able to obtain good used restaurant equipment from that particular auction.