hvac chillers in PAAmerican Services commerical HVAC Service in Missouri specializes in repair and maintenance of equipment such as  Trane, a well known manufacturer of commercial HVAC systems for over 75 years routinely creates new and innovative technologies that are incorporated into their commercial HVAC systems. With the introduction of each new technology brings increased efficiency, lower emissions, and more reliable products.

One of the newest commercial HVAC units available through Trane is the CenTraVac centrifugal chiller. As with most commercial HVAC companies, the use of centrifugal chiller technology has been proven to allow for increased efficiency. This efficiency is achieved through an impeller which forces the flow of air to spin faster and faster. Following a form of Euler’s fluid dynamics pump and turbine equation, the energy input to the fluid, or in this case air, is proportional to the flow’s local spinning velocity multiplied by the local impeller tangential velocity. Manufacturers have been able to design units which cause the flow leaving the centrifugal impeller to be near the speed of sound. The capability of efficiency with the centrifugal chillers produced by Trane is at least 13.5 percent better than other manufacturers.

It is also important to develop an understanding for quality of construction. Research has indicated that with proper preventative maintenance and routine system audits, units such as the CenTraVac chiller are designed to be in operation for more than 50 years. Additionally, emission ratings of this new technology have demonstrated to be four times better than other centrifugal chillers. As new federal government and EPA regulations continue to be introduced, choosing a commercial chiller which is rated for high efficiency will reduce operating costs and decrease the potential of issues with governmental agencies.