inductionIn the previous post here, on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment sales in St Louis, we covered the different ways in which you can cook in your commercial kitchen near Ladue.  One of the best methods of cooking when it comes to burner types is with an induction burner. Now, we want to talk about why this is the case.

Induction is more efficient.  “Because as much as 90 percent of energy used is turned into heat that cooks food, compared to less than 40 percent of gas and the 74 percent efficiency of traditional electric equipment, a commercial induction range is the most energy-efficient cooking equipment you can buy.”

Also true, and discovered in our research on behalf of your St Louis Commercial Restaurant Equipment sales near Ladue is the fact that induction cooking keeps your kitchen cool. “Because induction cookers generate heat only in the pan you’re cooking in, less ambient heat escapes into the air. Translation: your kitchen stays cooler than it would if you were using any other source of heat to cook with.”  Because of this fact about the heat distribution, induction cooking becomes safer to use as well, since the surface of the range stays relatively cool.  This is true even when it’s just been used to bring a stock pot to a boil.  Therefore, including induction cooling methods into your restaurant equipment in St Louis near Ladue, you will actually be keeping your kitchen staff safe from burns.

Also true of St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Ladue that includes induction capabilities is the following, “It offers quick response. Electronic controls let users make instant changes to pan heat levels. That precision control makes a commercial induction cooktop suitable for applications that require close control over temperatures like melting chocolate.”