inductionWhen looking at restaurant equipment needs and sales in St Louis near St Charles, we know that there are many out there that will not be in the loop regarding different burner types and which one or ones might work best in a restaurant environment.  On behalf of your Restaurant Equipment Sales in St Louis near St Charles, we will begin with an in-depth description of induction.

“Induction cooking has been popular in European restaurant kitchens for decades, but slow to catch on in the states. Although this method does require a different way of thinking, chefs who make the leap appreciate the technology’s speed, efficiency, and safety.” How does it work when you choose induction burners for your restaurant’s commercial kitchen?

There is definite science behind the induction cooking method and it comes down to electromagnetism, which is the same type of energy that accounts for everything from visible light to microwaves and radio waves. In a commercial induction range, for example, electricity flowing through a dense copper coil inside creates a magnetic field just above the cooktop’s surface. When that field comes in contact with an induction-ready pan, which by the way is a necessity when using induction as part of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment, electrons in the pan’s metal begin to move around rapidly. The resulting friction creates the heat you cook with.  There are definite reasons why one would pursue induction burners, according to the research we have done on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Installation near St Charles.  It’s highly energy-efficient to use induction. “Because as much as 90 percent of energy used is turned into heat that cooks food, compared to the less than 40 percent of gas and the 74 percent efficiency of traditional electric equipment, a commercial induction range is the most energy-efficient cooking equipment you can buy.”  We will go into more depth in our next post here on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment Sales and Service near St Charles MO.