commerical restaurant equipmentAs a restaurant owner or manager, inspecting your commercial restaurant equipment near Fenton for gas leaks is a vital duty to ensure the safety of you and your employees.  Improper installation and even improper inspection and testing methods of gas restaurant equipment can lead to dangerous conditions.  If your restaurant equipment has a gas leak the chance of fire or explosion is inevitable.

It is important that employees be vigilant when it comes to conducting gas leak inspections.  This can be as simple as visually looking at the gas line or reporting an unusual smell around restaurant equipment that runs on gas.  If gas is smelled, everyone should evacuate the building carefully and quickly without doing anything that could create a spark, such as using a telephone or turning on a light switch.  Once the building has been evacuated, contact emergency personnel.

To perform a simple gas leak inspection, create a soap solution consisting of a cup of water and some dish soap.  Using a brush, apply the soap solution on each pipe joint, connection, and fitting.  Watch the soaped connections to see if soap bubbles are formed.  If bubbles form, there is gas escaping and you need to contact emergency personnel.  If no bubbles are formed, continue by applying the soap solution along the lengths of piping to test for pin holes or mechanical damage do the pipes.  Additionally, apply the soap solution to all gas valves.  Often the seamed sides of these valves will fail when they are old.

Other options include purchasing a Combustible Gas Detector such as a TIF8800, TIF8800A, or TIF8850.  The use of a combustible gas detector can be quicker and take less time compared to the soap solution.

Services offered by American Services include but are not limited to; thermostat calibration, pilot adjustment or replacement, gas leak inspections, gas pressure tests, steam boiler de-scaling and change outs, and more.