ice machines in MOAmerican Services knows that ice machines are a necessity for customer satisfaction and productivity in your operation. Purchasing a new ice machine can be an exciting experience and a relief to know that your operation can continue providing a service to your customers. Although restaurant equipment is expensive you can save a little money by installing your new ice machine yourself. There are just a few basics to understand to ensure your ice machine will function properly once installed.

The most important decision will be the location of your commercial ice machine, which should be free of airborne and other contaminants. For safety and sanitary reasons, you do not want foreign matter to transfer to the ice. The air temperature must also be considered. Air temperature between 35 degrees Fahrenheit and 110 degrees Fahrenheit will ensure your system runs efficiently without overheating, or freezing up. Additionally, you do not want the location of your ice machine to be hear heat-generating equipment or in direct sunlight. Specifically, do not place it next to ovens, steamers, grills, or steam tables. This will cause your system to overwork itself in an attempt to keep the ice cold inside of the machine. An overworked machine will reduce the life of the components and increase the number of repairs required throughout the year. Additionally, the location you choose must not obstruct air flow through or around the ice machine. Air cooled equipment will require larger clearance measurements around the system where as water cooled ice machines will allow the machine to fit within a more confined space. Additionally, always check the electrical requirements to ensure your location can accommodate the ice machine.

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