restaurant equipment ice machine maintenance in ILAs a business owner you probably know that keeping restaurant equipment maintained properly will help save on energy costs which is just one reason your business needs a customizable preventative maintenance program.

This applies to most of the equipment you rely on everyday even your ice machine! To keep your restaurant equipment running with the least amount of energy waste, it’s wise to create a maintenance plan. American services restaurant equipment customizable preventative maintenance near Collinsville IL, offers these tips to keeping ice machines well maintained;
Change water filters every six months
Dirty filters promote growth of mineral deposits such as lime, and slime which are not very pleasant materials to have near your ice product. Changing filters regularly is not only cleaner; it keeps your machine from having to work harder and promotes energy efficiency.

Use an antimicrobial product inside your machine
Keep your ice machine as clean as possible. If your ice machine doesn’t have an antimicrobial feature, consider buying an antimicrobial product in the form of a stick or a pouch to place inside your commercial ice machine. These products must be replaced every two to three months.
Sanitize your restaurant equipment every six months
To remove mineral deposits and keep your ice machine working at optimal levels of energy efficiency, be sure to empty it out and thoroughly clean it every 6 months- if you don’t have a self-cleaning unit.
Select Energy Smart Features
Saving money on energy doesn’t end with cleaning and maintaining your equipment regularly, it starts with selecting restaurant equipment that has energy saving features to begin with. Commercial ice machines with the “Energy Star” label are usually about 15% more efficient than conventional models.
Our licensed professional technicians at American Services will be happy to give you a quote for your restaurant equipment maintenance. No job is too big or too small, see our customizable maintenance page and click on the “get a free estimate” tab to schedule an estimate today.