restaurant equipment beverage systems in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment maintenance service near Maryland Heights knows that it may seem like an easy task to keep your beverage system clean, but this is one of the most important parts of maintenance for restaurant beverage systems.

Keeping your draft system in top operational condition can be very profitable for restaurant owners. With a beer draft system, the tubes and other components are very susceptible to yeast and mold-as well as other contaminants.  These germs grow inside faucets and other parts and bacteria can even make its home in the beer lines regardless of the cool temperature.

Here are some tips to maintaining draft systems and more specifically keeping them clean yourself;

  • Clean your system at least twice per month
  • Clean all components thoroughly, remove faucets and other parts from the beer towers and be sure to clean every component individually with hot soapy water and a brush.  Be sure to clean those hard to reach areas as well
  • Be meticulous about keeping clean beer lines, be sure to clean the beer lines thoroughly to ensure overall cleanliness of your system and prevent bacteria from taking over
  • If you have a rep from your beer distributor clean the lines, note that it’s possible that the distributor may spend more time on his/her own brand, neglecting your other lines-their competitors.  If you suspect this could be the case, be sure to clean the lines yourself
  • Schedule thorough cleanings with your staff once or twice a month to be sure you maintain accountability for your establishment.

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