ice machine restaurant equipment in MOWe’ve all been there.  You have a nice refreshing beverage in front of you, you take a sip and it tastes stale because of bad ice cubes.  As a restaurant owner, this is one of that last things that you want to have happen, and preventing it just takes a little hard work and scheduling.

Something that is very important for restaurant owners to keep in mind is that as part of the Food Code put forth by the US Food and Drug Administration, ice is considered a food product.  What that means is that ice is held to the same standards and conditions that other food is held to, so it is imperative to make sure your ice machine is running well! Also consider that unattended ice machines can develop a slime like substance, which can lead to bacterial growth and other problems that are better to avoid.  So what can you do as a restaurant owner to insure that none of this happens?  The steps are actually quite simple to insure that your guests are receiving the best quality food product that you can deliver.

In order to clean an ice machine, it has to be defrosted and therefore turned off, so obviously you will want to schedule this work outside of normal operating hours.  It is also a good idea to have a back up plan or alternative ice source as the process can take an extended period of time.  Once all the ice is melted, you will want to drain any excess water that is left in the machine so that you are starting with a machine that doesn’t have any leftovers from it previous operation life.  Next, you will want to repeat the above process one more time allowing the ice machine to run through the whole cycle once again, from the ice forming to the defrosting process.  Once all of that is complete, you can begin the actual cleaning process.

To clean the ice machine, remove any trays or items and put them in the dishwasher to sanitize.  Once that is complete you can wipe the interior of the ice machine down with an approved cleanser and then rinse with warm water.  After all of that is done you will want to check the machine by running it again and making sure everything comes out as intended.

The above steps will help you to insure that your ice machine is clean and the ice you serve to your customers is as good as the fresh beverages that they are drinking.  These steps should be performed as needed, but is probably a good idea to do it at least quarterly.

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