Restaurant Equipment Soda FountainsHave you ever seen an episode of the hit show, Restaurant Impossible?  The show is set up like this: A celebrity chef in the food industry goes into restaurants that are failing and falling apart.  Generally, these restaurants are a product of years of neglect and failure to pay attention to all of the details that make a restaurant run smoothly and one that people want to frequently dine at.  If you have ever watched an episode of the show, you will likely find yourself repulsed by the things they show and how out of hand restaurant owners can get.  It is safe to say that the restaurants that are highlighted on these episodes bring the word “disgusting” to a whole other level!  So, hopefully if you are reading this blog now, it is because you care about the cleanliness and order of your restaurant!  As you probably already know, having a few routine steps in place can keep certain areas of your restaurant up to par.  It is the little details that can sometimes be overlooked.  Here is a tip on how you can keep your soda machine clean and up to standards.  Not only will this make your customers happy, but it will also keep your machine running optimally for years to come!

  • Remove your fountain dispenser heads and soak and clean them regularly.
  • While not in use, remove your trays and racks and clean all of the places where the soda may have splashed over and caused sticky residue to settle.
  • Avoid using cleaners that are too harsh or too strongly concentrated with bleach as these will cause the materials and plastics to break down faster and replacing them will have to occur more often.
  • Keep your water filtration system working at a high quality level so that everything else in the machine will run great too!

If you are experiencing problems with you soda fountain, contact American Services today and we can come out and take a look at it for you!  We specialize in the service of any of your restaurant equipment in St. Louis and we are happy to help you avoid any resemblance of “restaurant impossible!”