restaurant equipment service in MOAmerican Services knows that Missouri commercial restaurant equipment service  requirements can vary among each application.  It is important to have a basic understanding of the variety of equipment when looking at purchasing or replacing a unit.  Grills and ovens come in a multitude of varieties with numerous options.  Let’s take a look at some of the choices.

Indoor restaurant grills will typically be fueled by natural gas, however there are options for propane, charcoal, and wood.  Depending on your kitchen setup and ventilation system, some of these choices may be suitable where others may be against fire code.  Additionally, you also have the option to purchase a grill attachment that fits over your stove.  If you are purchasing an electric grill, you will need to first know your electrical capabilities and the grill’s electrical requirements.

Just as there are many choices for grills, restaurant ovens come in just as many choices.  Common choices include electric convection ovens, combi-ovens, commercial rotisserie ovens, finishing ovens and cheese-melters, salamander broilers and gas convection ovens to name a few.  The most common seen in restaurants are electric convection ovens and gas convection ovens.  These two types are for general purpose cooking and are flexible enough to cook pretty much anything.  Just as with the electric grill, your application may require one over the other.  Additionally, if your are purchasing an electric convection oven you must know your electrical capabilities and the oven’s electrical requirements.  Most commercial convection ovens will run on 208v or 240v and you will need to let the company know if it is single or three phase.

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