restaurant equipment repair in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment maintenance service in St. Louis knows that used equipment is not the only thing that requires care in a pizza kitchen. The supplies are equally important, as they are what bake, transport, and serve your pizza to your customers.

Wooden Pizza Peels

Wooden Pizza Peels require routine maintenance in order to ensure longer service life. By following the steps below, you can extend the life of your peels;

  • Apply a light coat of mineral oil to act as a sealant for the wood and prevent it from splitting; it also acts as a water proofing agent. Only use mineral oil; vegetable or olive oil will become contaminated, violating health codes.
  • Keep all wooden kitchen equipment dry, water can cause damage to wood products. Moisture can also cause the board to warp.
  • Keep Pizza Peels floured when in use. When using the wooden peel to insert or extract pizzas from the oven, be sure to lightly dust some flour on the surface. It quickly absorbs any extra moisture and allows the pizza to slide easily slide on and off the wooden peel.
  • Brush it clean when not in use. By keeping it clean, you can retain the life of your peel. Food crumbs, melted cheese or pizza sauce can collect on the peel and will make the surface uneven.
  • Leaving your wooden peel on a hot surface will warp it very quickly. Once the wooden peel is warped balancing a pizza on it can be quite a feat. If your wooden board is already warped you can try to straighten it by laying it out overnight with the warp (curved side) facing upward. In most cases this significantly reduces the problem. If the problem isn’t resolved, it is time to replace it.
  • Pizza Screens and Pizza Pans require special cleaning to keep them from rusting or warping, wash in warm soapy water. These items should be hand washed and gently dried and placed in a safe flat area in the kitchen. Avoid abrasive chemicals or scrub pads.


Tin and Aluminum Pans

  •   Whether natural finish or hard coat anodize, these pans can scratch if scrubbed with abrasive pads. Once the coating is scratched the pan can rust once the pan is rusted discard it! Use a towel to dry your pans and screens before storing. This can keep them from rusting.
  • Tin and hard surfaces require a little more care than just cleaning. They require seasoning. This simple process can not only increase the life of your pan, but reduce your clean up time and improve the taste of your pizzas