restaurant equipment repair in MOSelecting the right restaurant equipment is one of many endeavors of a successful restaurant operation. The right equipment will minimize energy costs resulting in a more efficient, productive, and profitable business.

One aspect to take into consideration is your menu.  Considering the foods you make most often and plan ahead to make the best decisions regarding which equipment is best for your commercial kitchen.  This will prevent unnecessary costs and headaches down the road.

Standard kitchen equipment needs:
– Refrigeration equipment
– Food preparation machines an areas
– Cooking equipment

Proper refrigeration equipment is very important because it prevents bacterial growth, and promotes extension of the shelf live for perishable foods. Equipment such as food processors can speed up cook times, saving on manual preparation and reducing overall costs.

But perhaps the largest investment you will have in your restaurant kitchen will be your cooking equipment.  Some of the items you will need include; ranges or open burners, deep fryers, broilers, and ovens of one sort or another.

Your Chef is an excellent source of information, when it comes to what you need to purchase for your kitchen. The Chef is an expert because he/she is familiar with your menu and knows what type of equipment will promote efficient preparation of the type of food he/she prepares.

Other influences on determining your restaurant equipment

  • Cooking techniques/ Serving size
  • Fuel options such as wood, natural gas, electric steam and heating oil.

Planning and predicting for future expansion or additional restaurants should be kept in mind by the successful restaurant owner. Another excellent option for the restaurant owner is to consider a restaurant design consultant who has the knowhow to incorporate your equipment into your kitchen layout. Keep meticulous records on your equipment maintenance and be sure to stay familiar with equipment warranty and location of warranty documents.
You should also keep a phone list of professional maintenance personnel such as American Services restaurant equipment maintenance and repair in Sunset Hills.  You can rely on us when you need service for any of your restaurant equipment.