restaurant equipment repair in St. LouisAmerican Services restaurant equipment installation in Missouri knows that for those new owners who are just getting started in the restaurant industry, locating and purchasing the right equipment and restaurant supplies can be overwhelming. For any restaurant opening there will be an extensive list of equipment and supplies that you will need to have on hand, and that list is different for everyone.

Determining the equipment you need-A restaurant owner’s equipment needs will be dictated by your menu and your restaurants theme or concept. There are a few general guidelines for all new restaurant owners to follow when creating your new equipment list.
Be sure to do a thorough evaluation of your menu to determine the fewest pieces of equipment needed to produce all of the dishes outlined on your menu. An example might be a sandwich shop: the minimal equipment needed might be limited to a commercial refrigerator, refrigerator prep table, ice machine, and meat slicer.

Strategic extras-The list of essential equipment should be your base guideline for purchasing new restaurant equipment, however many new owners with extra space and capital find that additional equipment is useful. For example a commercial food processor, this equipment may not be necessary but it reduces kitchen labor required to produce your menu and can enhance the final taste or appearance of the food. These strategic “extras” contribute to help make your kitchen flexible and will come in handy if you plan to change your menu in the future.

Determining What Supplies you Need-Most new start-up commercial kitchens require basic kitchen utensils to be on hand, these include; scoops, spoons, and spatulas. Often, new restaurant owners put off purchasing these necessities until the last minute before the Grand Opening, Be sure to consider even the smallest items you may need in advance to save time and money in the long run.

Speeding up Your Kitchen-purchasing handy food preparation supplies, like vegetable cutters and slicers, even bulk choppers for high volume produce, will help increase worker productivity.

Storage Equipment- every new restaurant will need food storage and shelving equipment.  Both perishable and non-perishables foods should be kept in proper storage equipment.
Remember Food Safety Supplies-gloves, pot holders, hair nets
and thermometers are easy to overlook, but they are part of the list of essential items that any commercial kitchen needs to meet health codes and provide safety for employees and customers.