restaurant equipment installation in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment repair in Overland knows that in the restaurant business; meal after meal, your commercial china is served, bussed, washed and reserved numerous times every day. Because of this, heavy duty china is required in the commercial setting. By following a few simple steps, you can be sure that your china will look better longer and last for years to come.

When bussing your china keep separate from other flatware, dishes or glasses. Ensure these items do not come into contact with your china because it leaves markings that are extremely difficult if not impossible to remove.

Refrain from overloading your bus tray: When dishes are allowed to rub and clink against one another, china finish can be cracked and broken this weakens the structure of your china and eventually causes cracks and brakes.

Stacking china: never stack more than 15 inches high, keep your china dishes in short stacks, lessening the probability of a spill or drop damaging your china.

-Cleaning your china:
Begin cleaning your china immediately after it’s removed from the table. A pre-rinse should be applied, then using a rubber scraper or sponge to scrape off any remaining particles. Removing dried on food from china is a difficult process. The sooner commercial china is put into a rack to go into a dishwasher, the better.
-Never use a scouring pad or steel wool to clean your china, the glaze can be damaged making your china vulnerable to scratches, stains and metal markings which are impossible to remove.
– Do not over soak your china if left too long in soapy water the glaze can be compromised. Once the glaze on china is compromised the more likely it is to scratch or stain.
– Never stack your china coffee cups because of the handles the glaze will come into contact with each other causing unnecessary wear.
– Drying your china immediately after washing and ensure the dishes have completely dried before storing them so they will not stick together.
– Never use hot dishes for cold food this will increase the chance of cracking and chipping.