restaurant equipment repair in MOAmerican Services knows that there are usually only 3 reasons to shop for a commercial coffee machine.  One reason is you might want one for your home it makes the best coffee and it makes it quickly . The second and most likely is you own a restaurant or coffee shop and you need to be able to produce cups of high quality coffee consistently. You probably want a machine that’s reliable and easy to clean and refill, one that offers ease of operation. The last thing you want to say to paying customers, is sorry, our machine is down, we’re out of coffee!

The primary feature that commercial industries are concerned with when it comes to coffee machines is how many cups of coffee the machine can make in one brewing cycle. Most generally the more cups of coffee, the more you can expect the commercial coffee maker will cost.

Some of the larger volume machines are capable of making up to 36 cups of coffee at a time, this is probably not efficient for residential use, but provides the optimal piece of restaurant equipment to the commercial business owner.

By picking out the machine that best suits the needs of your facility you will make the best economic decision.  In other words, bigger is not always better.   Additional features to consider for a commercial coffee machine application is how rapidly it can produce the coffee, the rule of thumb in commercial coffee machine pricing is the faster it brews the coffee,  the more expensive the machines can get.

Be sure to research the coffee machine options available, check out the product description and note the rate of production.

Finding and deciding what kind of coffee machine best supports your business begins by analyzing what your business model calls for. Evaluate how many people you serve on a daily basis and more importantly an hourly basis.   Create a plan to purchase a commercial coffee machine that can provide enough coffee on your the busiest day. Obviously, it’s not efficient to buy a 300 coffee cup per hour machine when only 20 people come in an hour. There are many features on commercial coffee machine and you must decide what best supports your business and how you are going to employ with the machine.  For instance are there self-cleaning features. Determine what the machine is composed of is the frame and body made out of steel? If you anticipate serving large volumes of coffee there is a feature called dual warmers.  It allows you to make two pots of coffee and put one on the top of the machine on a “warmer” which works like a hot pad that keeps the coffee hot until ready to serve, while the other sits in the normal spot on its own hot plate. This keeps 2 pots ready and rotating all day long.

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