refrigeration repair in IllinoisAmerican Services refrigeration repair in Saint Louis knows that maintaining your refrigeration equipment properly can expect to save on your energy cost yearly. According to Focus on Energy (a consulting firm whose expertise is energy conservation), commercial refrigeration can account for as much as 50 percent or more of a restaurant’s total energy cost. These industry experts further point out that by implementing a routine preventive maintenance checks and services list, restaurant owners stand to recover between 5 and 10 percent of their refrigeration energy costs.

The simple checklist should consist of daily, weekly, and monthly preventative maintenance steps that you and your staff should perform. It should be placed in a common area, When each maintenance step is performed an X or employees initials placed in the box signifying the task is completed is a good way to track maintenance operations. These practices will decrease the likelihood of expensive repair cost down the road.

Preventive maintenance on basic refrigeration components should include:
– Evaporator and condenser coils-clean and service these parts
at least every 30 days. Soap and water solutions are adequate for cleaning these parts. Caution- never scrub side to side on a condenser coil is it will damage the coils.
– Fan Blades- always keep fan blades clean to reduce drag. Degreaser solutions are fine for applying to fan blades make sure to rinse these off before reassembly. Twice a year a service technician from American Services should check that the fan motor is running at optimum efficient speeds.
– Ensure trash and refuse is clear around the outside unit so that adequate air flow is maintained for peak performance.
– Make sure all door hinges and cabinets are cleaned and lubricated yearly, cabinets and doors that do not shut properly cause energy cost overruns, your unit also works twice as hard to maintain the same temperature.
– Check for decay and deterioration along with suction lines between condensers an evaporator coils. Replace as needed.
– Check door sweep for rips.
– Have your unit periodically inspected by a professional electrician, loose connections and wires can result in high amperage increasing the amount of energy used.
– Annually, consult a refrigeration technician to evaluate drain lines and ensure that they are clear of obstructions.