restaurant equipment service in MORestaurant equipment is great when it works but can lead to frustration and reduced productivity when it is not functioning properly. If your restaurant equipment has seen better days and you are looking at upgrading your Commercial Deep Fryers, there are multiple designs for various applications. Commercial Deep Fryers don’t last forever as with any piece of restaurant equipment, but with a little background information on what is available, you can be assured to purchase the right piece of equipment for your operation.

The primary two types of commercial deep fryers are electric and gas fryers. Both use the same principles to cook your food but with different fuels. Electric fryers range from 40 lb. oil capacity to 200 lb. oil capacity and can accommodate one to four baskets depending on the size. Most all fryers will utilize 208V/240V electrical requirements but some can be built to accommodate 480V. Ensure your location has the correct electrical specifications prior to purchasing a Deep Fryer. If you have a small kitchen and are looking to integrate deep frying into your operation, there are countertop fryers that take up much less space. However, even with countertop fryers you must check the electrical specifications. Many countertop fryers still require 208/240V.

The second type of fryer is a gas fryer. Gas fryers will range from about 40 lb. oil capacity to 360 lb. oil capacity, and much like the electric version, can have one to four baskets. The gas connection can range from 1/2″ to 1 1/4″ so ensure your choice equipment fits with your locations gas supply lines.

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