restaurant equipment beverage systems in MOWhen it comes to restaurant equipment such as beverage systems,  post-mix system is like a miniature soft drink factory. A carbonator carbonates the water from the building water supply. It is then refrigerated along with syrup that is pumped from a 5-gallon container. These two ingredients are then precisely mixed within the dispensing valve and poured into the cup. A finished drink manufactured on-site.

The post-mix countertop system is a common setup. Here the relationship of the dispenser, carbonator, water, syrup and CO2 are shown. The countertop dispenser is a mechanically refrigerated water bath style cooling unit with valves mounted on the front of the dispenser.

Post-mix syrup bag-in-the-box containers contain 5 gallons of syrup. When a container becomes empty it is simple to remove it and replace it with a full container. The syrup pump is connected to the Bag-in-the-Box container with a Quick-Disconnect. The Quick-Disconnect can be removed from the bag by withdrawing the plunger and then lifting the Quick-Disconnect from the bag fitting. Remove the empty Bag-in-Box. 

With an ice-cooled system the refrigeration type is the main difference. Here the refrigeration consists of a bin which holds ice and has a cold plate in the bottom, through which the syrup and water is cooled for your post-mix drink. A remote system separates the dispensing valves from the refrigeration system. Carbonated water or water bath water is circulated between the refrigeration unit and the dispensing valves to insure that a cold product will be dispensed.

Strict Attention must be observed in the prevention of carbon dioxide gas leaks in the entire CO2 and soft drink system. If a CO2 gas leak issues suspected, particularly in a small area, immediately ventilate the contaminated area before attempting to repair the leak. Personnel exposed to high concentration of CO2 gas will experience tremors which are followed rapidly by loss of consciousness and suffocation. For help with restaurant equipment beverage systems in St. Louis, contact American Services.