restaurant equipment service in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment installation near Overland knows that new restaurant owners usually have to take into account many different factors when buying restaurant equipment. There are a few details that can keep restaurant equipment from becoming a huge liability.

Kitchen Plan, Usage and Efficiency

Selecting the right equipment is a team effort that is made easier when using information gathered by research and consulting experts or current users, such as other restaurant owners, or chefs.  A chef has vital experience related to equipment that is and is not needed. This could facilitate your next step going forward in designing a kitchen plan that meets or exceeds local city and state health codes, and includes all the necessary equipment needed to efficiently handle your customer’s orders based on your menu.

A collaborative effort between contractors, an electrician, and key employees such as the Chef will be most advantageous.  Restaurant equipment selected must match up with the type of food served at your restaurant.

Keep in mind that you will need refrigeration space, preparation tables, and cooking stations (along with dishwashing, storage, etc.). Before you purchase anything you should plan and layout traffic routes and around these, work stations for your chef and other cooks so they will be able to conveniently get what they need when they need it.

Used vs. New Equipment

Almost all restaurant owners must decide if they want to buy new or used equipment when getting started in business. Most generally it comes down to the selection of a combination of some new equipment and some used equipment.

If you do decide to purchase used restaurant equipment, you may want to do in depth research, even if you are buying brand names. Find out how long the used model normally lasts and if there are any flaws common to specific models.

There are some alternatives for less expensive new equipment, including appliances that have cosmetic flaws, as well as overstocked items.

Feel free to consult manufactures to get specific performance information even when considering used equipment.